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Founded in 1988, the Cahaba River Society works to restore and protect the Cahaba River Watershed and its rich diversity of life.

We support healthy growth in communities around the river. Through education, collaboration and policy advocacy, we work with development professionals and with state, county and city officials to ensure that development is done with best practices that sustain the River and our drinking water source for future generations.  We have directly participated in many cost-effective development solutions now on the ground and have given awards to over 100 firms and agencies for water-protective development and restoration projects.

Cahaba River Society supports protection of our drinking water, which must include protecting the Cahaba River, Lake Purdy, Little Cahaba River and Birmingham Water Board lands.  There are many places where development is positive for communities, when built right. But public ratepayer money has bought lands that are supposed to permanently protect the region’s drinking water source, and this not the right place for intensive development.

To learn more about the Cahaba River Society and the work that we do, click below to visit our website:

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