Protect the Cahaba

to protect our drinking water.

Say "no build" to Cahaba Beach Road.

A proposed Highway 280 cut-through road and bridge could threaten your drinking water.

The Alabama Department of Transportation is studying a proposed road that would bring Highway 280 cut-through traffic across Birmingham Water Works lands that protect our drinking water.


The road would bring Highway 280 cut-through traffic across our drinking water source and is intended to open this sensitive area to private development. This would increase risks from construction, urban runoff, forest loss, heavy traffic, and a direct spill into the drinking water for the Birmingham area.

This short documentary from the Southern Exposure Film Fellowship explores the proposed Cahaba Beach Road and bridge project and its implications for the Cahaba River and the people who depend upon it.

Want to see more amazing films like this one? The 2018 Southern Exposure Film Series will premiere on September 13, 2018 at the Altamont School. Click here to learn more.

ALDOT is studying several alternatives – one of which is to not build the road and bridge.

Cahaba River Society recommends the “no build” alternative at this time.

With the information now available, Cahaba River Society believes that all of the proposed alternative routes pose too great a risk of degrading our drinking water source.

There are many places where development is positive for communities, when built right. But when public ratepayer money has bought lands that are supposed to permanently protect the region’s drinking water source, this is not the right place for development. 

What you can do:

Make your voice heard.

ALDOT is accepting public comments on the proposal.

ALDOT is soliciting input on the proposed project. Include in your communications any concerns you have about the proposed new road and potential impacts to your drinking water. We ask that you join in recommending the “no build” alternative.

Deadline for submitting written comments: Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Written comments for the official public record will be accepted through August 22, 2018. 






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ATTN: Mrs. Sandra F.P. Bonner and Mr. DeJarvis Leonard, P.E. Region Engineer

Alabama Department of Transportation – East Central Region
PO Box 2745
Birmingham, AL 35202-2745

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